The Surge 2 Boasts Array of New Environments and RPG Systems

The surge 2

In a new interview, The Surge 2‘s creative director Jan Klose unveiled some more details regarding the upcoming sequel, including developments made in environmental, character, and enemy design.

Speaking to, Klose made several references to how the project’s new setting has opened up a multitude of new gameplay possibilities. The game’s new setting of Jericho City is inspired by North American cities, which brings The Surge‘s toolkit to more open and branching paths.

The previous title took place in a factory, which limited the level design’s scale. Verticality appears to be the developer’s focus, with Klose stating:

“You can witness that, and in terms of level design, like you said, it’s a huge difference, because if you think of an urban environment you have always in your mind [that] you can go anywhere at the beginning […] it’s not all open but it’s interconnected, and […] verticality—you can go underground, you’ll be at street level, you’ll be inside buildings.”

Furthering on the above, Klose stated that The Surge 2 also has significant developments in NPC interactions and RPG systems. Namely, players will discover and interact with non-enemy characters throughout Jericho City, and will have to make decisions on whether to support, ignore, or fight against the actions of these people. Klose expands by stating that players will “encounter a lot of people trying to survive” and that they “can sometimes align with them or fight against them, take on quests from them. So [the world is] all much more alive than it was before.”

The rest of the RPG mechanics are relatively soft, including character customisation and multiple solutions to boss battles. A new parry system, as well as greater emphasis on target enemy limbs to seek advantages, will be included in the sequel.

The Surge 2 is currently in pre-alpha, and is expected to release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in 2019.

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