Choice-Driven Sci-Fi Horror Game Tether Put on Indefinite Hiatus


One of the more promising indie projects to be announced in recent times, Freesphere Entertainment’s high concept horror title Tether, has been put on hold as a result of financial issues.

The game’s director, Mark Gregory, made the announcement via Twitter over the weekend, writing that the title is “on ice for the foreseeable future.” The reason behind the decision is that the team, to date, has been unfunded, and recent negotiations with outside investors fell through.

Tether was announced in late 2016 as a horror game set on a spaceship bound for Mars, but underwent a redesign in the middle of 2017. The title was intended to be heavily choice-driven, giving players the ability to freeze and rewind time, as well as including hacking, stealth, and action elements.

Gregory does not seem to have ruled out the possibility of revisiting Tether if the opportunity arises, but, for the present, he intends to focus on smaller projects that will allow him to be more hands-on in the production process.

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