Edge of Eternity

The latest update for Edge of Eternity explains how the epic RPG aims to remove the genre’s typical reliance on grinding.

While players will still be free to participate in random battles, the team at Midgar Studio is implementing a unique grid-based combat system to ensure doing so is not necessary to defeat even the strongest bosses. This mechanic is called the Nexus Grid, which divides the play space into hexagons that can be manipulated or confer bonuses.

The post provides two examples, the first of which is to lay traps and either lure or force foes into them. The second example is a tile that provides automatic health generation. Key to taking advantage of this system are the abilities to push, throw, or block enemies. Midgar Studio says the goal of the Nexus Grid is to provide players with “a genuine choice in how [they] tackle [a] challenge” and a meaningful sense of reward from overcoming battles that, in other games, would be too difficult without grinding.

Another hint emerging in the update is that the game will include crafting and weapon customisation, but the team does not go into detail about these aspects.

The post discusses the lore of the game world of Heryon, specifically focusing on the role that households have in determining the status of individuals. A host of new screenshots have also been released and are embedded in the gallery below.

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