We Happy Few Gets Final Major Update Before April Launch

We Happy Few

The developers at Compulsion Games have released the last major Early Access update for the dystopian stealth/survival game We Happy Few ahead of the project’s release on April 13, 2018.

Called ‘Life in Technicolour’, the update makes some radical alterations to the gameplay balance, world design, and NPC AI to set the stage for further “significant changes” that the studio will make to the gameplay before launch. The most immediately noticeable changes resulting from this update involve the use of Joy, the hallucinogenic drug designed to keep inhabitants of the game’s world happy and compliant.

The effects of Joy have been reworked to be more nuanced, with five stages of use, ranging from sober to overdose and withdrawal. Each of these stages has unique lighting, visual effects, and audio. Furthermore, using Joy now causes the main character to “crash,” which will cause players to temporarily lose control.

Other changes involve new AI archetypes and a fundamental reworking of existing NPC behaviours, including the addition of new searching mechanics and restrictions on how far enemies are able to see. A full list of the alterations, which also includes new UI features, encounters, and visual effects, is available on the official website.

Alongside the update, Compulsion Games also announced that the game has been signed to Gearbox Publishing and will release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One early next year.

More details and early impressions of We Happy Few are available in the hands-on preview OnlySP conducted shortly after the title entered Early Access last year.

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