Video Game Peripherals


It is the common opinion, among gamers, that the home consoles can no longer compete with the sheer gaming power of the desktop computer. The graphics are, generally, superior on a PC along with the endless options for modifications to the processing power and various other outputs of the machine – but what peripherals add so much to games that they are fast becoming essentials?


Dual Monitors

No matter the graphical capabilities of your gaming computer; if your display isn’t up to scratch then you’ll never reap the benefits of the highest definition. One HD capable monitor is plenty for some but, realistically speaking, two is always better than one.

Many games support dual monitors in a variety of formats as some titles offer a wider view of the gaming world where others offer the player greater control of their menu screens by displaying the menu on one side and the gameplay screen on the other – whatever your preference; you need to double up.

Even the online casinos support dual monitor usage; so think about that next time you’re hitting the tables for a hand of Poker, and use your gaming skills to your advantage to beat the tables.


Headset with Surround Sound

Speakers are a thing of the past thanks to the major advancements in headphone technology over the last few years. Gamers can now invest in affordable, exceptional surround sound headsets for less than ever before and they are predominantly wireless with headset capabilities.

Your headset can be invaluable when playing online as you need to communicate with your team and receive important information from those around you. Equally, you need the best sound response when playing a game that relies on audio to maximise the experience such as Silent Hill or Resident Evil.

Sound is essential to your gaming but the whole package is crucial; mic and all.


Game sticks

Even the most hardened of PC gamers will concede that mouse and keyboard gaming is a thing of the past. Control pads are a viable option but they are often bulky, cheaply made and unreliable – the alternative is obvious; game sticks.

Different in many ways to the joysticks that littered the desks of Flight Simulator enthusiasts in the 1990’s; game sticks are the complete package for the gamer seeking an alternative to the mouse/keyboard combo.



Safety first with gaming; always and forever.

Gaming glasses aren’t the same as the prescription lenses you’ll be familiar with if you aren’t lucky enough to have 20/20 vision; instead they are glare free glasses that prevent your eyes from suffering damage from the screen and the sun; should you sit close to a window or even outdoors.

You only get one set of eyes; look after them.


Virtual Reality

While still very expensive; Virtual Reality has arrived and will no doubt revolutionize the way we digest video games in the next two years. The Oculus Rift is easily the market leader but will set a gamer back at least 300 pounds at present and there’s no sign of the price dropping.

However, when the home consoles are still costing as much as the game changing VR headset; you can justify it whether you’re looking for an immersive puzzle experience, advancements in online gaming or even just to be ahead of the game – you need this in your life.

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