Upcoming Prey Demo Gives Access to the Game’s First Hour


Arkane Studios and Bethesda Softworks have today announced that an upcoming demo for Prey will let players experience the opening hour for free.

The demo will be available from April 27, a week before the game’s full release, exclusively on consoles. Details on the extent of gameplay that players will experience in the demo were not forthcoming, but the weapons and abilities of protagonist Morgan Yu should be relatively constrained when compared against some of the footage that the developers have previously released.

To accompany today’s announcement, Bethesda released a short new trailer (embedded below), splicing together narrative and gameplay elements for a video that shows off some of Morgan’s abilities and provides a glimpse at how the tools at the character’s disposal can be used for puzzle-solving as well as combat.

Developed by Arkane Studios, Prey is touted as a reimagining of the 2006 game of the same name, though it features few returning elements outside of the overarching theme. As in the developer’s previous game, Dishonored 2, player agency will be a key component of the action, while players will also be able to choose to control either a male or female character (though here they are, in essence, the same person, rather than having distinct personalities).

More details about the game, including a range of enemy types and player abilities, can be found in OnlySP’s earlier coverage.

Prey is set for release on May 5, 2017, for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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