Unlock Ancient Mysteries Alongside a Strange Creature in Golem


Golem is an upcoming side-scrolling puzzle-based adventure that tasks players with exploring an ancient tower with a mysterious creature that takes new forms to unlock extra gameplay mechanics throughout the journey.

Developed by Longbow Games, an independent development team best known for the Hegemony series of wargames, Golem will be the studio’s first attempt at creating a character-driven adventure with a custom-designed world. Players will take the role of a young girl tasked with collecting water for her village, who uncovers the sphere that powers the golem.

As the adventure progresses, players will unlock five different forms for the beast, each of which possesses unique abilities that will aid in exploration of the environment. The developers are touting a grand total of ten level within the game, ranging from the ground level of the tower to its peak, ensuring a high degree of visual diversity.

Furthermore, despite the promise of a moving story, Golem will be a wordless narrative in the vein of Journey. In addition to the core story of the developing friendship between the girl and the golem, players will also come across a series of pictographs that will reveal the history of the world, the tower, and the golem.

To coincide with today’s announcement, Longbow Games revealed a teaser trailer that introduces the girl and one of the creature’s forms, as well as the charmingly minimalistic visual style that the game adopts:

The game’s lead designed, Rob McConnell, said that developing Golem has been a challenge for the team because, “[w]hile Longbow has made a wide variety of games over the past 20 years, including our ongoing Hegemony wargame series, this is the first time we’ve created a game that revolves so closely around the characters and where we’ve had the freedom to develop a world tailored to telling their unique story.”

The game is currently targeting an Autumn 2017 release on PC.

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