Ubisoft Set to Announce New Franchise Title This Year

Watch Dogs 2

As part of its most recent fiscal earnings report, Ubisoft has revealed that it has at one unannounced franchise title scheduled for release before April next year.

Previously, the publisher had expected to launch four AAA titles in the same year, but that target has been revised down by the delay of Skull & Bones to the following financial year. As a result the company expects to sell a total of 19 million units, as opposed to the 23 million previously estimated. Those sales are expected to be driven by The Crew 2, The Division 2, and an “unannounced franchise title.”

No clues are available about what that third title is, though recent rumours have pegged a new Splinter Cell game, while a new Watch Dogs is also possible, given the previous title released in 2016 and, if Assassin’s Creed is any indication, the publisher may be looking to make Watch Dogs a biennial series. However, with E3 less than a month away, the title is almost certainly to be revealed soon.

The report also notes that Assassin’s Creed: Origins set a new franchise record for performance in the fourth fiscal quarter and that Far Cry 5 was Ubisoft’s second biggest launch ever, proving the continued value of single-player games.

The Crew 2 is set for release on June 29, while The Division 2 currently has no firm date.

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