Two New Alien Types Revealed for XCOM Creator’s Phoenix Point

Phoenix Point

As part of the latest development update on Phoenix Point, Snapshot Games has revealed two new alien enemies that players will face off against.

Neither of the two types has been shown off in any great detail, but speculation about their abilities is still possible. The first of the two is a feminine adversary known as The Siren. With hooked arms and an arthropodal body, this enemy is said to have “some pretty nasty attacks,” attacks, as well as support abilities. The name of the The Siren most likely draws from Greek mythology, where it was a mythological creature that would lure sailors to their deaths with its ethereal singing. If the name is a hint at the unit’s skills, then it will likely be able to confuse player-controlled soldiers, as well as launching devastating physical attacks.


The second new enemy type is The Juggernaut, an imposing type reminiscent of the Mutons from XCOM. The developers write that The Juggernaut will have “a number [of] different and unique ways to attack,” but do not provide any further hints about its abilities.


The blog post also showed off new mutations for the alien Queen, which has previously been revealed, as well as concept renders for human units that are yet to be implemented into the backer-exclusive beta and new animations for vehicles.

Phoenix Point was recently delayed until June 2019, having previously been expected to launch sometime in late 2018. The game will be available on Linux, Mac, PC, and Xbox One.

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