Thunder Lotus on Key Differences Between Sundered and Jotun


With Sundered scheduled for release later this month, the developers at Thunder Lotus Games have revealed how the change in genre from Jotun’s isometric action-adventuring created a number of challenges for the studio.

Speaking to OnlySP as part of a recent interview, Thunder Lotus’s Marketing and Communications Specialist Rodrigue Duperron said that the “challenges brought by the transition from Jotun to Sundered are too numerous to list.” The main reason for these difficulties was the comparative complexity of Sundered, although the newer game did offer one reprieve for the team: “the side-scrolling aspect does bring with it the opportunity of not having to draw each animation frame from eight separate directions,” said Duperron.

However, this comparative freedom allowed the team to ” tackle more ambitious designs, multiply the amount of different animations for the protagonist and creatures, etc.” As a whole, the experience of developing Jotun gave Thunder Lotus the confidence to go further with its second game and “push well beyond what [the studio] devised and accomplished on [Jotun].”

In addition to the core gameplay and stylistic differences between Sundered and Jotun, the games draw from very different sources. While Jotun hewed very closely to the inspiration of Norse mythology for its story and characters, Sundered is more “liberal” in its cherry-picking of H. P. Lovecraft’s oeuvre. Rather than drawing from a particular story, the team took “creative liberties to create an original backstory for Sundered’s world and its characters.”

The full interview with Duperron touches on a range of topics including the story and characters of Sundered, while a hands-on preview is available here.

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