The Wizards Brings High Fantasy Spellcasting to VR

The Wizards

The Wizards is a new fantasy-based VR adventure game from Carbon Studio, the team behind last year’s ALICE VR.

Set for a Steam Early Access launch on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive on July 28, The Wizards will cast players as a mage whose peaceful fantasy world suffers from an unexplained temporal collapse, bringing the wars of the past into the current era. The game will make novel use of the VR motion controllers, as players will have to “weave” spells before casting them towards enemy characters.

One major unique feature for the title is the inclusion of Fate Cards, which promise to modify the gameplay by changing difficulty levels and rules, though what that means exactly is not clear. The inclusion of Fate Cards will, however increase replayability of the game.

The initial Early Access release of The Wizards will include a story mode with two core locations divided into an array of different stages, six basic spells with upgrade paths, and an introductory set of Fate Cards. Carbon Studio intends for the game to remain in early access for up to six months, during which gameplay will be refined and enhanced, while the team will also expand the story with two new locations, an arcade mode, and six additional spell upgrades.

The developers decided to take the Early Access route with their newest title to ensure feedback to make the gameplay as fun as possible, after ALICE VR received a middling reception.

A first look at the gameplay of The Wizards is available below:

The Early Access release of The Wizards will cost USD$24.99, but interested players are able to get Carbon Studio’s previous game, ALICE VR, for the discounted price of USD$9.99 in the Steam Summer Sale.

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