First DLC For The Surge Takes Players to an Amusement Park

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Deck13 Interactive announced some new content for The Surge, the science-fiction twist on the Dark Souls style that “offers much more than initially meets the eye.”

Titled ‘A Walk in the Park,’ The Surge’s upcoming DLC will open a new area to gamers. Amusingly, the expansion’s title represents the new setting as opposed to the challenge posed, as players who traversed the initial game will remember the difficulty of some encounters. ‘A Walk in the Park’ is set in an amusement park attached to the Creo factory featured in the vanilla game. With approximately four hours of additional gameplay in which players can die repeatedly, earn gear, and explore, both veterans and newcomers to The Surge will find that the new content eases the transition between one difficult area and the next using two entrances to the park: one near the beginning of the game and one much later.

Moreover, a free weapon pack will launch alongside the new DLC, featuring different attacking options that work well with the new armor and implants being added.

No release date for ‘A Walk in the Park’ has been announced, but the expansion will be available for all three of The Surge’s platforms (PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One).

The Surge is a science fiction, action-RPG video game developed by Deck13 Interactive and published by Focus Home Interactive. The game is considered a spiritual successor to the developer’s Lords of the Fallen and is inspired by titles such as Rise of the Robots and the Souls series.

Deck 13 Interactive is a German developer and publisher based in Frankfurt. The company was founded in July 2001. Originally, Deck13 did business under the name TriggerLab, but officially changed its name after the release of its first game, Stealth Combat, in 2002.

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