Swery65’s The Good Life Getting an Alternate ‘Dogs’ Version

The Good Life

Eccentric creator Hidetaka Suehiro (Swery65) is currently working on The Good Life, a life-sim RPG where players turn into cats at night, and has now announced an alternate edition featuring dogs.

Although the newly announced version of the game retains many of the same ideas and story elements as the original, the new form will bring with it some changes. Firstly, while the cat form is agile and able to access contained areas, dogs are instead able to follow smells and dig holes, creating a different set of gameplay options. Similarly, some methods of interaction with NPCs will differ, but these variations have not yet been outlined. A trailer for the new edition is embedded below.

The game casts players as Naomi, a New York photojournalist in a small English town who is attempting to repay her debts when she stumbles across a murder mystery. Solving the mystery is one of the main gameplay threads, while another revolves around taking photos to make money. Naomi will also be customisable, with players able to change her appearance with new clothes or gain permanent boosts to a range of statistics.

Despite being a single-player focused title, The Good Life will include a multiplayer segment, with players from both versions able to interact.

Swery65 and his team launched a Fig campaign for the project earlier this month, but is struggling to reach the funding goal, currently sitting at less than 20% of the total with two weeks remaining. The Good Life is currently targeting release in Q3 2019.

The project is a departure for Swery65, whose previous credits include the equally bizarre, but much grimmer Deadly Premonition and D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die.

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