The First Trailer for Call of Cthulhu Has Arrived


The E3 trailer for Call of Cthulhu has been released, marking it as the first trailer for the title.

Developed by Cyanide Studios, little information is known of the Lovecraftian title. Set in the 1920s, you play as private investigator Edward Pierce who starts off investigating a routine murder case. Soon enough, there looks to be powers beyond the mortal realm that seeks to threaten Pierce’s sanity, blending reality and illusion into an indecipherable blur. Meanwhile Cthulhu sleeps, readying to awaken from its slumber.

Based on the pen-and-paper RPG, it looks to offer RPG-investigative elements alongside psychological horror and stealth. I admit it is a relief for a horror title to allow for participation rather than demanding you to wrestle with stealth mechanics that are likely using the Amnesia “hide what you can’t look at” system. Although information is light currently of what these elements behold.

Call of Cthulhu will be released onto PC and “consoles” in 2017.

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