“Tech-Noir” Strategy Game All Walls Must Fall Now on Kickstarter

All Walls Must Fall

All Walls Must Fall, an isometric strategy game set in an alternate future in which the Cold War never ended, has today begun a Kickstarter campaign seeking €15,000.

The title is being developed by inbetweengames, a relatively new Berlin-based indie outfit formed by three former members of Spec Ops: The Line team YAGER Development. Although that pedigree may suggest a strong AAA mindset, All Walls Must Fall is a small production and passion project, as should be evident from the subject matter.

Taking place in Berlin in 2089, players take control of a time-travelling secret agent tasked with uncovering the perpetrators of a nuclear strike that threatens to turn the ongoing Cold War hot. Several different gameplay paths are open to players to achieve this goal, including violence, diplomacy, hacking, and time manipulation, ensuring a wide range of options and enhancing replayability. Supporting this goal of openness is a procedural mission generation system, meaning that no two playthroughs will be the same.

The gameplay itself will blend real-time and turn-based elements, allowing players to plan their approach in detail before executing it. You can see some of this in the trailer embedded below:

The developers have cited X-Com, Braid, and Syndicate as their central inspiration for the game, and have also made mention of a wide range of other influences, including the Dreamcast classic Rez and last year’s highly acclaimed Superhot.

All Walls Must Fall has been in active development since October 2015, and the Kickstarter funding aims to ensure the continued smooth development of the title as it moves into and through a closed alpha ahead of its planned 2018 release. At the time of writing, the campaign is almost one-third of the way to achieving its goal.

The three members of inbetweengames decided to go independent after being laid of from YAGER Developments when the Dead Island 2 project was reassigned to Sumo Digital. The team previously produced The Mammoth: A Cave Painting as part of a game jam and made the decision to go independent following the positive reception to that title.

OnlySP will have early impressions of All Walls Must Fall next month. Until then, be sure to bookmark the website and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest from the world of single-player gaming.

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