Old-School Tactical RPGs Meet Modern Technology as Bevontule Begins Crowdfunding

Bevontule 4

Multithreaded Games has officially launched the Kickstarter campaign for Bevontule, its upcoming Final Fantasy Tactics-inspired RPG.

The project is seeking a relatively modest USD$50,000 across the course of its 30-day campaign, and, although stretch goals are planned, the team is holding off announcing them until the funding milestones of 50% and 80% (for the first two) are reached.

For anyone unfamiliar with Bevontule, the game takes cues from old-school RPGs such as Final Fantasy Tactics and Chrono Trigger to create turn-based combat that relies heavily on placement, turn order, and special skills for the player to be successful. However, the project will also incorporate a host of other features to make it into a true RPG, including equipment, crafting, side quests, and an overworld map.

The game takes place in a fantasy world called Onich, which is being slowly destroyed by a blight called the Kelvari. Players will take the role of Bodom, a man newly arrived on the shores of Onich, who professes to know the secret to destroying the Kelvari.

Bevontule has been a passion project of the lead developers, Derek Bradley and Andy Fenton, for more than 20 years, beginning life as a short story concept and growing to encompass more than 1,000 years of lore. The Kickstarter page goes into considerable depth about the world, characters, and features of the game.

The developers are currently targeting a March 2019 release for the game, but a demo is available right now for those interested. OnlySP spoke to lead designer Andy Fenton last year about the inspirations and ideas behind the game.

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