Sucker Punch’s New IP is Samurai Action Game Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima

Sony began its Paris Games Week conference with the world reveal of Ghost of Tsushima, a new IP from inFamous developer Sucker Punch.

Few details of the game are currently available, but it will be set in feudal-era Japan and involve the Mongol invasion. The full trailer is available below:

Ghost of Tsushima is the first game from Sucker Punch since the well-received inFamous: Second Son back in 2014, and appears to be a distinct thematic departure for the studio, which has previously focused on fast-paced, over-the-top action in both the inFamous and Sly Cooper series. In contrast, Ghost of Tsushima appears more grounded in reality, though whether that supposition is true remains to be seen.

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