Star Wars: Battlefront II Officially Unveiled at Star Wars Celebration | Release Date Announced

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Similar to 2015’s Star Wars Celebration, where Star Wars: Battlefront was officially revealed, EA DICE revealed Star Wars: Battlefront II at this year’s Star Wars Celebration.

With a panel of four developers from Motive Studios and EA DICE, an author from Del Rey Books, and a representative from Lucasfilm, fans of the Star Wars: Battlefront series tuned in to get the latest scoop on the newest addition to the franchise. Perhaps the most exciting news is the addition of a single-player campaign, a missing game mode from 2015’s Star Wars: Battlefront for which the game was criticized. Star Wars: Battlefront II’s campaign will revolve around the untold story of an elite group of Imperial Commandos, a departure from the norm in that most Star Wars tales, particularly in the movies and most video games, revolve around the heroes of the Rebels or the Republic. The full-length reveal trailer can be seen below.

Something else new in Star Wars: Battlefront II is the ability for anyone in a game, namely in multiplayer modes, to become a hero. Based on a player’s performance, they may have the opportunity to become a hero (Luke Skywalker, Darth Maul, etc.). This differs from the game’s predecessor in that, in Star Wars: Battlefront, players only had the opportunity to play as a hero by picking up boosts spread around the battlefield. Once a boost was acquired, no one else on the player’s team could play as a hero until the first player died and the boost regenerated.

Battlefront II’s multiplayer packs a powerful punch as well. The biggest addition to the multiplayer is the inclusion of all eras across the Star Wars universe. The Clone Wars, the origin era (Rebels versus Empire), and the era from the new movies will all be represented in Battlefront II along with iconic heroes from those eras (Darth Maul, Luke Skywalker, Kylo Ren, etc.). Players will also be able to upgrade their hero and non-hero characters throughout their multiplayer experience to suit their playstyle. Upgrades for snipers, engineers, troopers, and other classes will be available to give the players’ characters an edge on the battlefield.

Another element being added to Battlefront II is the ability to pilot iconic Star Wars spacecraft, such as the X-Wing and TIE-Fighter, in space, something that was missing from 2015’s Battlefront. Ships from every era will be included, as well as hero ships, such as the Millennium Falcon and the Slave I. Similar to the upgrade system mentioned above, players will be able to upgrade their hero and non-hero ships over time.

Iconic planets will make appearances in Battlefront II, such as Kamino and Hoth. Popular lifeforms will also be joining players on their Battlefront II journey, such as the Tauntaun.

Star Wars: Battlefront II is being co-developed by Criterion Games, EA DICE, and Motive Studios. The game is set to be released worldwide on November 17, 2017. Those who pre-order the game will be granted access to heroes from The Last Jedi and The First Order Starfighter. Battlefront II’s demo will also be available to play at EA Play in Los Angeles in June. Tickets for the event go on sale April 20, 2017.

Sony has also created a special Battlefront II edition of the PlayStation 4 Pro, two of which were given away during the panel at Star Wars Celebration.

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