Project CARS Studio Working on New Movie-Based Franchise

Slightly Mad

Slightly Mad Studios, the developer behind Project CARS, has teased that its next project will be based on a “blockbuster Hollywood franchise.”

The announcement comes courtesy of Slightly Mad’s CEO Ian Bell, who recently posted on GTPlanet forums that the team has “signed a multi-year, multi-game deal,” almost guaranteeing the medium-term survival of the studio. Unfortunately, no other information is available at present, though Bell did go on to emphasise that more details will be available later this year.

Given the studio’s deep familiarity with the racing genre and Project CARS publisher Namco Bandai’s previous partnership with the Fast and the Furious series, numerous outlets have suggested that franchise as the most likely source of this new deal. The continued success of Fast and the Furious, and the dearth of competition in the filmic racing genre, certainly makes the proposition plausible, though Death Race, which focuses on a fusion of racing and vehicular combat, is another valid possibility, particularly given Bell’s earlier comment that the new game “sort of” involves racing.

The new project is unlikely to release before 2018, as Slightly Mad Studios is currently focused on development of Project CARS 2, which is slated for release in late 2017.

Prior to the breakout success of the first Project CARS, Slightly Mad Studios made waves in the racing genre with the 2009 reboot of the Need for Speed series (subtitled Shift), which moved the franchise away from the arcade stylings that had been a hallmark prior. Since its inception, the studio has worked exclusively on racing games, which should provide a firm basis for whatever the newest project is.

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