Runic Games on the Production of Hob


Best known for the Torchlight series, Runic Games has been working on a new IP called Hob since 2012, with the team recently opening up about the process.

Earlier this year, Gameumentary conducted an extensive interview with the team at Runic Games, covering the studio’s past work, and revealing details about the development of its latest game, the sci-fi action-adventure Hob.

Development on the game began with a conscious rejection of some of the elements that had been a staple of both Torchlight games as well as previous titles that individual team members had worked on before the formation of Runic Games. Notable among these are the randomisation elements commonly associated with the isometric action-RPG. As such, Hob is a fully hand-crafted adventure, with every environment elemental down to “every blade of grass” placed by the team’s designers.

However, Hob was not the first project that the studio began working on after Torchlight II released. That game was a sci-fi title that mixed several different genres, but the team struggled to bring the project together. Following that project’s cancellation, Runic Games worked for “about six months” on a randomised Legend of Zelda clone based on the first game from Nintendo’s series. Although that game failed to pan out, the team drew inspiration from the concept to begin work on Hob.

The production process on the game has been challenging for the team, with several restarts already having occurred. Despite the troublesome development, the team now has a firm idea of what Hob is, with production progressing smoothly.

Gameumentary’s full video documentary contains many more details about this history of both Runic Games and Hob. Furthermore, the outlet’s owner, Nick Calandra, has recently confirmed development on a second documentary focusing on a recently-released title.

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