Rumour: Quantic Dream Working on Second PS4 Title

Detroit: Become Human Release

Though Detroit: Become Human is without a release date, developer Quantic Dream may be working on another PlayStation 4 project, if a pair of LinkedIn profiles are accurate.

The profiles both mention at least one unannounced project, which would have been in development as early as 2014, shortly after the release of Beyond: Two Souls, given that both staff members left the studio that year. While no real details on the project can be gleaned from the brief descriptions on the profiles, one clearly highlights that multiple projects were in the works for PlayStation 4, rather than the more general terms of current- or next-generation consoles.

That profile belongs to Joel Janisse, a scripwriter who has since worked on Hitman and is currently employed by Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate developer, Ubisoft Quebec. The other profile, meanwhile, is that of Zachary Parris, a freelance writer.

While not unusual for a developer to work on multiple projects concurrently, the scale of Quantic Dream’s, with their heavy reliance on motion-captured animation, makes the prospect of the studio having two in active development unlikely. However, the unannounced title could simply be remaining in pre-production while the studio finishes work on Detroit. Supporting this theory is the revelation that Quantic Dream itself shared today’s rumour on its Twitter page.

Detroit: Become Human recently completed its motion capture process for one of its lead actresses, suggesting that the game may not be very far away. That game is set in a futuristic version of Detroit where service androids have begun to become self-aware. Originally envisioned as a PS4 technical demonstration called Kara, the project was revealed as full game at Sony’s Paris Games Week press conference in 2015, and will once again adopt Quantic Dream’s big-budget point-and-click style, which the developer calls “interactive drama.”

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