Righteous Is A Narrative-Driven Exploration Of Home Front Struggles


Righteouswhich has been revealed alongside a trailer, is a new title from Swedish developer The Station, which is best known for its DLC work on LittleBigPlanet 3.

The trailer explores imagery related to World War II and showcases the project’s unique 1980s-inspired anime art style, invoking titles such as Valkyria Chronicles. Story-wise, players assume the role of a woman who journeys through war-torn Europe until she becomes a resourceful resistance veteran, touching upon unique and underrepresented stories from European home fronts during that era.

No actual gameplay is shown in the trailer, but The Station has stated that the title will be “narrative-driven.” In simple terms, narrative-driven means Righteous will likely follow the decision-heavy design of games akin to Life Is Strange. The trailer mostly concerns itself with imagery: a gorgeous recapture of pastoral life during wartime, along with the perilous dangers of living within a totalitarian war machine:

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