Horror-Action RPG Rail Theory Seeks Funding on Kickstarter

Rail Theory

Rail Theory is an innovative action RPG that has recently begun a Kickstarter campaign, seeking $150,000 in funding.

Players take the role of a human on an alien planet trying to salvage parts to repair their vessel and escape from the world. Making this task more difficult is the presence of the Rithamolous, an apparently mindless crystalline life form that is scattered throughout the game’s environment.

While the premise is familiar, Rail Theory incorporates a number of unique elements to help the game stand out from the crowd. Chief among these features is a dynamic difficulty and enemy-generation system, whereby the physical traits of opponents will be determined on-the-fly by the player’s skill level and tactics. Another key aspect is the health system, which comprises three separate bars for armour, trauma, and stamina, with each factor affecting the player character in different ways.

A demo for the game is currently available, though the developers refer to it purely as a proof of concept, as the game has thus far been created in Unity, while the final product will be built in Unreal Engine 4 to ensure that the open-world aspects are fully realised. The developers have already spent more than three years on the project, ensuring that their skills will be up to the task of completing the project. At present, Rail Theory is targeting an August 2019 release for PC, with console versions being considered as a stretch goal.

Despite the strong vision and clear evidence of both effort and passion, the campaign has gotten off to a shaky start with less than $500 raised since yesterday’s launch, though given the widespread scepticism of smaller projects with high funding goals, the reception was, perhaps, to be expected. Rail Theory was previously featured on OnlySP’s Indie Highlight Reel.

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