OnlySP Site Update and Big Gameumentary News


Hello again, dear readers.

Considering I haven’t updated you on the current status of OnlySP since the new year, I wanted to check in and let you know about the latest developments.

To begin with, we’ve brought in a few new writers in the last two weeks: Nick Palmisano, Jayde Baguley, Marley Hannan, and Daniel Shirkie, all of whom have already begun making their presence felt. I studied alongside all four of them, and they are all trained journalists committed to helping to build OnlySP into an outlet that all of us can be proud of. No doubt, you will begin seeing the fruits of their labours in the very near future.

Further to that, the team recently got together for a rather productive behind-the-scenes meeting, and we will follow up and finalise on the particulars emerging from that in the next fortnight. However, as a preview, I can let you know that we discussed the possibility of setting up a new media arm of OnlySP dedicated to streaming and video commentary, alongside the first discussions about our mid-year giveaway (although, of course, I can’t promise anything just yet). Furthermore, we also began a process of reorganisation that will help to ensure that we are getting more content out more promptly.

Finally, a moment of cross-promotion for our friends and former colleagues over at Gameumentary. The team has been hard at work building their reach, and their hard work has finally paid off, with the team preparing to launch their first ever short video documentary. They released a trailer for it earlier this week, which you can view below.

That’s all from me for now, but I expect to be back for another update within the next few weeks.

As ever, thanks for joining us on this journey.

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