3DS Horror RPG Omori Gets New Trailer


The team behind Omori ushered in 2017 with a new trailer for the upcoming psychological-horror game.

The trailer starts off cheerfully, with the main character, Omori, painted in monochrome, standing face to face with a large white door. He eventually peers through the keyhole to find another character smiling back at him. This second character stands in stark contrast to Omori, as his color pallette is a blend of cool colors including blue and purple.

The footage cuts to snippets of gameplay showing Omori navigating the world with his new friends in tow. The world appears as a fantastical, surreal dimension. Once again, this dreamlike world offers a contrast with the dull black and white bedroom.

Near the end of the trailer, however, the pace becomes chaotic, revealing enemies with fangs and an ominous countdown to show off the horror elements of the title.

A battle with a particularly ghoulish monster causes the cast of characters to suffer the status effect of fear. This unconventional style of RPG seems to mimic what made Earthbound and Undertale so successful. If Omori is able to recapture the magic of such titles, RPG fans are sure to have something to look forward to.


Throughout the trailer, Omori’s distinctive sketchbook aesthetic is accompanied by a grating piano melody, helping to convey the menacing tone of the game.

The  Kickstarter campaign for the game ended on June 6, 2014, far exceeding its initial funding goal of $22,000 with a final tally of $203,300.00 from 5910 backers.

Omori is being developed for both the Nintendo 3DS and PC using RPG maker. The project was intended for a 2016 release, but the desire to ensure a Mac release for the game forced developers Omocat to delay it. In addition to this, the game’s development platform was upgraded from  RPG maker VX to the more recent iteration, MV.

Though currently without a set date, Omori is expected to release in 2017.


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