Mech-Based Strategy Game BattleTech Gets First Trailer


BattleTech, the crowdfunded adaptation of the classic board game, has received its first trailer, alongside confirmation that Paradox Interactive will publish the title on behalf of developer Harebrained Schemes.

The trailer, embedded below, shows off a combination of comic book-esque cutscenes and gameplay, giving viewers a glimpse at how the game will look and play. Unfortunately, only the most basic story details are unveiled, and the trailer fails to go into any great depth about the strategy-based mechanics that the game will include or the level of customisation that players will enjoy:

The game entered full development after a successful Kickstarter campaign in late 2015 raised almost $2.8 million, ensuring that the title would receive additional mission types from those originally planned, a fully-fledged single-player campaign, additional mech types, and a PvP multiplayer option. The stunning success of the campaign also ensured that BattleTech would be the first mech-based turn-based strategy game to arrive on the PC in more than 20 years.

BattleTech is being developed by the team behind Shadowrun Returns, Harebrained Schemes, with development being headed by Jordan Weisman, creator of the original tabletop game and the spin-off MechWarrior video game series; Mitch Gitelman, producer for MechCommander; and Mike McCain, creative director of Shadowrun Returns.

Meanwhile, the new publisher, Paradox Interactive, has been around for quite some time, but has only recently come to the attention of many gamers, by publishing the likes of Europa Universalis IV, Cities: Skylines, Pillars of Eternity, and Tyranny.

Although missing its initial projected release window of May 2017, BattleTech is currently scheduled to launch later this year, exclusively for PC.

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