Make Magic in Mages of Mystralia Next Week

Mages of Mystralia

Mages of Mystralia, a new indie game that allows players to build their own spells, releases for PC next week, with consoles versions to follow.

The game has been confirmed for release on May 18, available on Steam for $24.99/€24.99, though people who pick up the game before May 23 are eligible for a 10% discount. Although the release dates for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are not yet available, the developers have promised that they will be announced “shortly.”

To coincide with today’s announcement, developer Borealys Games has released a launch trailer (embedded below), providing a look at the gameplay and giving an overview on the game’s philosophy, rather than bothering to delve into the story. The game will follow Zia, a young girl from a world where magic is outlawed, who discovers that she has the ability to use magic, and sets out to save the kingdom of Mystralia.

Mages of Mystralia’s key feature is the inclusion of a range of runes, which can be combined and altered in a number of different ways, reportedly resulting in millions of permutations. Furthermore, no pre-rendered spells are included within the game, ensuring that a player’s entire arsenal will rely on their own imagination and ingenuity.

The game took to Kickstarter earlier this year to ensure that the final stages of development went smoothly, earning over $225,000, or almost ten times the initial funding goal, and has received critical acclaim in previews.

Although Borealys Games is a debut studio, the team has brought on some enviable assistance, including Final Fantasy XV composer Shoka Nakama, and Dungeons and Dragons creator Ed Greenwood, who wrote the story. More details on the game can be found in OnlySP’s previous coverage.

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