Leaving Lyndow Brings Peaceful Exploration to North American PS4s Next Week

Leaving Lyndow

Leaving Lyndow, the peaceful precursor to next year’s non-violent RPG Eastshade, has been announced for a PlayStation 4 release in North America next week.

The game casts players as Clara, a recent graduate who is preparing to set off on her first expedition with the Guild of Maritime Exploration. While most of Leaving Lyndow involves wandering about the environments and talking to NPCs, the game also includes some small puzzles and minigames that help to freshen up the experience.

According the game’s creator, Danny Weinbaum, Leaving Lyndow is intended as an introduction to the Eastshade universe, though the style of gameplay in the two projects is radically different. More details about Leaving Lyndow, the process of creation, and the title’s relationship to Eastshade are available in the interview OnlySP conducted with Weinbaum back in February.

Lasting only an hour long, the game is priced appropriately at $3.99 on Steam, though whether the PSN price be the same is unknown at present.

OnlySP’s review found the game to be lacking as a standalone experience, but an effective, enjoyable, and beautiful introduction to the world that Eastshade Studios is currently working on.

Leaving Lyndow is currently scheduled for a digital PlayStation 4 release in North America on July 27. European and Xbox One releases have not yet been announced.

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