Enter The Land of Pain This September

the land of pain

Surreal horror-themed survival adventure title The Land of Pain has received an official release date, as well as a new trailer which demonstrates the game’s eerie atmosphere and striking visuals.

Arriving on Steam on September 13, The Land of Pain is a Lovecraftian horror adventure fusing elaborate storytelling, survival mechanics, and adventure-style puzzle-solving into a grand descent into darkness.

A quiet woodland getaway turns into something much more disturbing after something bizarre appears in the forest. Players must learn to survive as they flee before an omnipresent enemy they can only run from and never fight.

The Land of Pain‘s stunning graphics are a product of CryEngine, combining photogrammetric technology and ambient sound to create a fully immersive game world. As seen in the trailer below, the game’s visuals go from lush, beautiful, and infused with a peaceful essence to a surreal darkness full of terror and dread.

In an interesting twist, players may use a lantern to light the way, but will find themselves more vulnerable when not shrouded in shadows. Unarmed, the player’s only chance of survival is to run as fast as possible.

Featuring a large world to explore and an array of perplexing puzzles, The Land of Pain is primarily the work of one developer, Alessandro Guzzo. Since the release of a demo at the end of May, Guzzo and his team have worked to address player feedback and improve the game’s overall experience.

Speaking of the upcoming release, Guzzo said, “I can’t wait for everyone to explore the dark world I’ve been working on for the past few years.”

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