Black Hive Media Drops New Kova Highlight Trailer


Black Hive Media has dropped a highlight trailer for Kova, a metroidvania-style RPG, where players journey through space to discover the answer to the Fermi paradox.

The new trailer provides a preview of the features and gameplay, such as factions or upgrades, players can expect from Kova on release.  


Players of Kova embark on an adventure as mercenary, Kova Rimor, after discovering an ancient beacon on an uninhabited planet. By unravelling the mysteries of the beacon, players strive to solve the question, “why have humans been alone in the Universe?”

Kickstarter campaign for the game, sits at $9,223 of the $28,000 goal at the time of writing, and with only seven days to go, Black Hive Media have told Use A Potion that they will not abandon the project should they not meet the funding goal, but will come back to the game with “Plan B.”

Those who become “Informer” ($25 or above) tier pledgers will have access to an early demo of the game before it is launched.

The initial release of Kova will be limited to PC, however, the developers are planning for an eventual release onto consoles.

For a more in-depth look into Kova, read more here, and watch out for OnlySPs exclusive interview with the developers this weekend.

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