Insurgency: Sandstorm Aims to Tell a “Meaningful” FPS Story


With Insurgency: Sandstorm, the developers at New World Interactive aim to tell a grounded and powerful story of modern conflict, according to CEO Jeremy Blum.

Taking place in modern-day Iraq, the upcoming sequel to 2014’s co-op-focused FPS Insurgency will cast players a Kurdish woman and former slave fighting against radical terrorists. Games have explored the setting before, but the premise holds the potential to move away from the bombastic action integral to most first-person shooters, with Blum recently telling Cliqist the team’s goal is to tell a “meaningful” story.

“When we got into storytelling, we decided as a team that we wished to create stories that were meaningful and different than what our audience is used to,” said Blum. This desire took the developers beyond the Western special forces that usually take the spotlight in video games to the rebels and vigilantes. “We found their situation, diversity and motives to be unique, noble and worth immortalizing in video game form,” continued Blum. “Despite the fact that our game is fictional, these fighters and their struggle greatly inspired the character development in our world.”

With the major FPS franchises shifting away from contemporary conflicts, Insurgency: Sandstorm will be able to sidestep the competition to offer a refreshing approach to war.

However, this project will be the developer’s first attempt at integrating a single-player story into its work, with the previous game being multiplayer-only. Insurgency: Sandstorm is currently slated for a late 2017 launch on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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