How VPNs Will Change Your (Gaming) Life!


Online gaming is a very enjoyable pastime in modern society. Whether you’re competing with your friends on the latest FIFA title, or taking on the world on the most recent Call of Duty entry, there’s a lot of fun to be had online – but can the experience be improved with a few add-ons?

The titles themselves are very appealing but you do get the impression that some games enter the market somewhat underdeveloped in order to persuade you to invest in the downloadable content that will inevitably be released some weeks after your initial purchase. While this can be irritating; DLC is a fantastic addition to the online gaming market – it extends the lifespan of the games and enriches the experience online with new maps, teams or whatever else the title in question involves.

Akin to DLC; the designers are also regularly adding patches and updates to their titles as bugs are detected in the game by the players. Graphical errors or gaming sections encountering lag are all remedied over time thanks to the online gaming system of patching – it might delay your gaming by a few minutes but the rewards for your patience are well worth it.

Aside of the developers themselves; the players can also improve their own online experiences with additional features such as mods or VPN. Mods are usually designed by third parties and allow the players to ‘re-skin’ the games they are playing to give them an alternate appearance – a major example of this occurred last year when a third party group created a Game of Thrones mod for the Elder Scrolls title: Skyrim.

VPN (Virtual Private Networks) offer a wealth of features to the players that don’t necessarily alter the online gaming experience as much as improve its overall performance. For an example, according to review sites, ExpressVPN offers unlimited bandwidth and server switches, which would of course improve your gameplay. The main reason for VPN’s existence is actually to protect the players when they are online using data encryption and hiding IP addresses making it near on impossible for hackers to gain access to sensitive information such as payment details.

Aside of the privacy additions; VPN also allows players to bypass their bandwidth restrictions and their internet connections become exponentially faster making for more stable gameplay as the shared graphics render more quickly.

Finally, VPN offers the players the chance to change servers from one country to another. This opens up a lot of possibilities to gamers as the newest updates are often released in other countries before the UK – a quick switch to a different server and players can access the updates long before anyone else in their country of residence.

The online gaming experience will no doubt continue to evolve over time to incorporate many more enriching features but, for now, VPN, DLC and mods are the best way to improve the experience overall.

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