Housemarque Reveals Unrealised Game Concepts

Housemarque Stormdivers

At the Reboot Develop conference, Housemarque showed off several of its ambitious projects from the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable era that never saw the light of day.

The first was a PlayStation 2 and Xbox game called Darkweb, which would have been a story-based third-person action game featuring a female protagonist. The exact nature of the project is unclear from the video, but it was set to feature some unsettling imagery.

Following this, a brief trailer for a PlayStation Portable title called Fist was shown off, which appears to have been a military shooter with humorous elements.

The footage was capped off by The Trader, a third-person action-adventure game set in what appears to be fantasy world that draws inspiration from action-adventure series Tomb Raider.

Unfortunately, none of the projects were able to attract the interest of publishers, though studio CEO Ilari Kuittinen mentioned that the work was not wasted, but instead was able to be folded into later games from the team.

Footage of the cancelled projects can be found below.

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