“Down-to-Earth” Horror Game Husk Launches Today


Husk, a new first-person survival horror game inspired by the likes of Silent Hill and Alan Wake, is available on Steam from today.

Described by the developers as a “down-to-earth” experience about pain and forgiveness, Husk pits players as Matthew Palmer, a man who has awoken in the aftermath of a train crash to find himself completely alone outside of a town called Shivercliff. Players will explore the town and piece together the mystery of where everyone else, including Matthew’s wife and daughter, have gone, while also uncovering clues about Matthew’s past and experiences with abuse and addiction.

While the core gameplay will focus on exploration, it will also fold in elements of traditional survival horror, including environmental puzzles, inventory management, and the presence of monsters and bosses. Despite these extra elements, the story is at the heart of the experience, which is expected to last between four and five hours.

Husk’s most recent trailer (embedded below) shows off some of the environments, and offers a glimpse at both the exploration and combat gameplay.

Development on Husk is being headed by Polish studio UndeadScout, whose only previous game is the freely-available The Clearing. UndeadScout originally launched a Kickstarter campaign for the game in October 2015, which was cancelled soon after, as IMGN.PRO (Kholat) stepped in to act as co-developer, investor, and publisher. However, that information in that crowdfunding campaign seems to bear little resemblance to more recent media for the project.

Although OnlySP has not covered UndeadScout’s previous game, James Schumacher did review Kholat on its release, awarding it 7.4/10 and calling it “a disturbing, beautifully minimal, tension-filled experience that has enough real-world ties to provide that unsettling, hair standing up on the back of your neck feeling.”

Husk should be available on Steam now.

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