Wordless Adventure Game Hob Gets Moody New Trailer


Torchlight developer Runic Games recently released a new ‘Mood’ trailer for its upcoming adventure game, Hob, while also confirming a 2017 release window.

The new trailer, embedded below, is a minimalistic affair, showing off some of the environments that Hob will offer, including the serene, natural overworld, and the menacing, mechanical workings of the underworld. These two visions are contrasted against one another, which, in concert with the score, results in an unsettling sense of mystery, while simultaneously showing off the versatility of the game’s cel-shaded aesthetic.

While very little gameplay is shown off in this latest footage, Hob will be a Metroidvania-styled open-world adventure game, in which the character will use a mechanical glove with an ever-expanding range of abilities for both combat and exploration. The game’s most intriguing element, however, its is complete avoidance of words, both textual and auditory, resulting in a silent adventure that requires players to pay close attention.

As the player explores the world and solves puzzles, the environment will change, opening up new pathways and drawing the character ever deeper into the mystery of the nature-machine dichotomy so evident in this new trailer.

Hob was first announced in August 2015, following an announcement several years that the development teams planned Torchlight MMO would not come to pass. Shortly after that announcement, OnlySP had the opportunity to interview Runic Games about the plans and development progress of the game, which resulted in a massive two-part article.

Although the development team has previously worked exclusively on PC games, Hob will be available on both PC and PlayStation, and is scheduled for release at some point later this year.

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