Halo Infinite Will Initially Be A Single-Player Game

Halo Infinite

Early reports suggest that Halo Infinite, the upcoming entry in the Halo series, will launch as a single-player title.

Brad Sams, who was the first to break the correct rumours regarding Infinite a week before E3, has stated that the title will ship in 2019 as a single-player title. Multiplayer will follow in 2020, but, according to his sources, Infinite‘s initial focus will be as a single-player experience.

Sams justifies his source’s information by stating that 343 Studios, the developer, will be using a brand new engine called SlipSpace, which will have a multitude of teething issues. By experimenting on single-player first, it gives the developer a chance to iron out any major issues before introducing the project to a more intensive and demanding multiplayer scene.

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