Tension Takes Precedent in Combat in Turn-Based RPG Grimshade


Talerock Studios has announced details about its Kickstarter-funded game Grimshade after surpassing its crowdfunding goal of $100,000.

The tactical battle system is inspired by JRPGs and other games such as Darkest Dungeon, taking place on two three-by-four grids as revealed in the Kickstarter update. Battles are based on a conditional turned-based battle system; characters’ actions will determine who acts and in what order.

The positioning of characters will determine some of the skills that are usable; this mechanic becomes especially powerful when using an ability that can move an enemy to a more vulnerable spot. Other skills can also change the order in which characters act.

Each unit has a tension meter that needs to be managed. Tension helps to determine the damage attacks will do, knock out monsters, and push their turn further back. Having different levels of tension per character can alter how they play; some work better while calm but others perform better with high tension. At the end of battle, tension is reset to the base level.

Characters can be injured in battles, reducing the effectiveness their skills and their future performance. To heal an injury, players needs to get their group to a safe place.

The game will release at the end of 2018 on Steam.

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