RTS/CCG-Hybrid Golem Gates Adds First Part of Campaign

Golem Gates

After releasing in Early Access last month, Golem Gates has today added the first part of its story campaign.

Titled ‘Book I’, the narrative begins by introducing players to The Harbinger, who is tasked with destroying the eponymous Golem Gates in the hopes of destroying the enemy forces. This first part of the campaign features five missions, together designed as a tutorial to teach players the intricacies of control with the RTS/CCG -hybrid gameplay.

The developers had originally planned to add the campaign in at the game’s full release, but those plans changed. According to lead developer Matt Oelfke, the reception that fans had to the multiplayer portion of the game was extremely positive, which led the team to expand the scope of the title and “deliver even more single-player content than originally planned.”

Alongside the newest update, the developers at Laser Guided Games have announced that the game’s full release will occur on March 28, 2018, exclusively on Steam.

The core gameplay is based around RTS mechanics, but the developers have spiced up the concepts with the inclusion of CCG elements. Before battle, players are able to build and customise decks of cards (called Glyphs in the game), which are drawn at random to create a sense of dynamism.

OnlySP’s Jennifer Anderson previewed the project in its earlier incarnation, but found that the blending of genres was not as smooth as it could have been. Hopefully, the campaign helps to ease some of the issues, but OnlySP will delve back into the game for an updated impressions piece at some point in the near future.

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