Gameplay Trailer Revealed for Rogue-like Space Shooter EVERSPACE


Developer Rockfish Games has released the final gameplay trailer for its space-based shooter EVERSPACE ahead of the game’s release on May 26.

The trailer begins with a montage of relatively sedate exploration scenes before picking up the pace with combat and other more spectacular sequences. Also on display are the three camera modes that players are able to choose from within the game, which appear to be drawn from the racing genre, with a third-person view, a cockpit view, and a HUD-free first person view:

EVERSPACE is billed as a rogue-like space shooter, blending the procedural environment generation systems of the genre with AAA production values of graphics, audio, gameplay, and story. Like many examples of the genre, the ability to craft and upgrade new weapons and equipment will be one of the central gameplay pillars, alongside exploration and combat.

Story details for the game are scarce at the moment, though the developers are promising a captivating, fully-voiced affair with interesting and in-depth characters.

EVERSPACE has been in the Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview programs for some time, and will receive a full release on those platforms on May 26. Meanwhile, a PlayStation 4 release is also scheduled for a later date. The game first drew attention through a Kickstarter campaign back in 2015, which raised over €420,000. Although Rockfish Games is a debut studio, the team has several years of experience, and is made up primarily of former members of FISHLABS Entertainment, best known for its work on the mobile series, Galaxy on Fire. With EVERSPACE, the team is taking the expertise in arcade-styled space shooters garnered from Galaxy on Fire and applying it to a more ambitious project with a bigger budget.

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