Fumito Ueda’s Next Game May Be More Open Than The Last Guardian


Fumito Ueda (ICO) has revealed that his next game may adopt an open environment more like Shadow of the Colossus than the confined spaces of The Last Guardian.

Speaking at the Nordic Games Conference today, the famed  director talked about the style of games that he works on and his creative process, and dropped a few hints about his next project. Ueda said that The Last Guardian was a reaction to Shadow of the Colossus, as he felt that he wanted to spend “intimate time” in a “more closed space” after dedicating four years to the open world.

Now that The Last Guardian has been released, however, “maybe I may go back to the Shadow-type environment,” he said.

While no other details were forthcoming, that project will most likely continue his trend of oblique storytelling, as the details are not important for the director. Instead, he believes that, at the present time, allowing gamers to create the story with their imagination is “a good style of expression for video games.” This style, according to Ueda, allows the game to remain in the minds of the player for much longer than a closed, complete ending.

Ueda also adopts a similar approach when it comes to managing his teams. Rather than giving specific instructions and directions, he prefers not to give detailed directions, which could be one of the reasons for the long gestation periods for each of his games.

The panel closed with Ueda admitting that he would rather keep his current job than hold any other due to creative possibilities present in games when compared to other form of media, such as literature or film.

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