Final Fantasy XV Survey Suggests Long-Term Support


As part of a recent update to Final Fantasy XV, the developers have added a survey to the main menu, asking players what content they would like to see added to the game.

Players are able to select a single option, with those that receive the highest numbers of votes being considered for future updates to the RPG. The options run the gamut from additional story content to new playable characters and other miscellaneous upgrades.

The story content focuses on events that either occurred within or were alluded to during the course of the main campaign, but were not fleshed out at that time, such as Noctis’s disappearance or the backstory of Ardyn. The additional playable characters also extend beyond the four main characters of the base adventure to Lunafreya, Iris, and Aranea, while the other additions include different abilities and a hard mode. The full list is included below:

Final Fantasy XV

The new content emerging from the survey would come in addition to the already-planned expansions, which will give fans the freedom to control every member of the main party, as well as the ability to team up with other players for co-op adventures. More pertinently, the survey suggests that Square-Enix is looking to secure a long-term future for the game, stretching well beyond what might be expected of any predominantly single-player adventure.

In addition to the survey, the new update also fixed a number of minor bugs and added a new recipe for the cooking minigame.

OnlySP’s DJ Arruda praised the title with a Distinction, saying that “Final Fantasy XV is an impressive title despite some narrative flaws, massive in scope and ambition, and technically impressive.”

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