Prolific Film Composer Set to Score Rune: Ragnarok


The upcoming open-world adventure game Rune: Ragnarok will have its music provided by established composer Dean Valentine.

Human Head Studios, the developer behind the title, made the announcement of Valentine’s appointment earlier this week as a new update on the development blog. Valentine took the opportunity to express his excitement about the prospect, saying “I’ve always wanted to score a video game and to be able to score a game like Rune: Ragnarok is such a thrill for me… To be honest, I just love those Viking myths and legends. I’m Irish so I grew up with a lot of Celtic myths and stories… So to be asked to write the score for all this madness just puts a smile on face, makes you feel like a kid again.”

Although Rune: Ragnarok will be his first game project, Valentine has a history in musical composition stretching back to 1999. Most of his work has been in small films and animated series, but he has also worked on trailers for big-ticket films including Dunkirk, Captain America: Civil War, and Prometheus.

Rune: Ragnarok is the sequel to Human Head Studios’s sophomore effort, Rune, which released in late 2000. Players will take control of a custom character in a world where the apocalyptic event of Ragnarok has been ongoing for seven years. The game will feature brutal hand-to-hand combat—allowing players to choose from a variety of weapons—as well as naval battles.

Neither platforms nor an expected release date for the title have been announced, although a closed beta is slated to launch early this year.

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