Action-RPG Fallen Legion PS4 Pre-Orders Get Vita Side Game Free

Fallen Legion

Anyone who pre-orders the upcoming PlayStation 4-exclusive RPG Fallen Legion: Sins of an Empire will also receive the PlayStation Vita accompaniment game, Flames of Rebellion, for free.

The two-for-one deal was announced on Siliconera by the game’s creative director, Spencer Yip, who also revealed that the two projects will be available on July 18, a week earlier than previously announced. In addition, PlayStation Plus users who choose to pre-order the game will receive a 20% discount.

Although sharing a setting and key gameplay elements, the two projects tell different stories. Sins of an Empire follows Princess Cecille on a quest to restore glory to her crumbling empire and defend her homeland from a military coup, while Flames of Rebellion shows the other side of the conflict, with players taking the role of a general named Legatus Laendur who is trying to overthrow the royal family.

Adopting a side-on perspective similar to Vanillaware RPGs, both versions of Fallen Legion puts players in control of a four-character party for real-time battles. Each title is expected to last around 15 hours.

The games are being developed by the first-time team at YummyYummyTummy, Inc., and have been in production for more than two years. Sins of an Empire entered production first, with Flames of Rebellion following after fans requested a PSVita port, but the developers found scaling the core game down impossible.

More details on both games are available in OnlySP’s suggestions for the most worthy PlayStation single-player games in July.

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