DOOM-Inspired Old-School Shooter Hellbound Launches Crowdfunding Campaign


After announcing the game last year, Saibot Studios has launched the Kickstarter campaign of its classic-styled first-person shooter, Hellbound.

The team is seeking USD$40,000 for further development of the currently available survival mode and production of the first chapter of the fully-fledged campaign. With that baseline content, the team will begin to shop the game to third-party investors in attempt to gain further funding and push the project to its final completion.

However, the campaign also includes a $100,000 stretch goal, which will allow the team to produce the full Hellbound campaign without outside help.

Unfortunately, the developers have not revealed details of the narrative of Hellbound, instead opting only to write that it is “a cool story.” The available information amounts to the fact that players will take the role of a hulking figure named Hellgore who is slaying demons in hell.

Alongside the launch of the campaign, the developers have released the survival mode to the public for free.

OnlySP spoke to the game’s director, Tobias Rusjan, as part of the Indie Highlight Reel last year, when he mentioned that a project similar to Hellbound has long been an ambition for the studio, but that it was heretofore impossible “because of [a] lack of resources and experience.”

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