Crossing Souls Coming to Fill February With 80s Fun

Crossing Souls

Indie developer Fourattic and publisher Devolver Digital have announced the release date for Crossing Souls, a vibrant adventure title brimming with 80s retro nostalgia.

A new trailer recently reveals gamers can expect the arrival of Crossing Souls for PC and PlayStation 4 on February 13, 2018. Titled ‘Ready for Adventure’, the trailer gives viewers glimpses of gameplay interspersed with hints of nostalgic influence from many 80s cartoons and films, including Stand By Me, E.T., and Ghostbusters.

Set in California during 1986, Crossing Souls tells the tale of a group of friends who experience the summer of their lives after uncovering a mysterious artifact that changes the course of their fate. The adventure that follows takes them away from home and everything they know into a dark world of government conspiracy—including secrets involving a mysterious U.S. Army general with nefarious plans.

Attendees of this month’s PlayStation Experience 2017 can check out a playable version of Crossing Souls. Additionally, the Fourattic development team will be on-hand at the show to walk players through the demo and chat about the 80s culture that inspired the game.

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