New Development Video Explores Crossing Souls Developer Fourattic

Crossing Souls - Fourattic

A behind-the-scenes Crossing Souls video has been released, providing insight into Fourattic, the team responsible for the upcoming action-adventure indie title.

Fourattic has been working on the game for a while, and the 12-minute documentary has been produced to to build excitement for the project’s February 13 release on PlayStation 4 and PC.

Devolver Digital, the retro title’s publisher, uploaded the video to its YouTube channel earlier this week as part of a “Behind The Schemes” series, where viewers can get a closer look at the lives of indie developers. The documentary makes an effort to show Fourattic’s home in Seville, Spain. The current location in Seville has not always been the office location; thanks to Kickstarter and Devolver Digital, Fourattic has been working in the space for about a year.

As with many indie developers, Fourattic works in a small space crowded with a couple of desks, computers, and a team of four.

“It’s not a big secret behind the name,” programmer Juan Diego says in the video. “It’s just that we were four people in an attic; simple.”

Humble beginnings and three years have done nothing but give the team more room to impress. After tackling less ambitious projects including a quiz game for mobile, Fourattic learned that its strengths lays in its roots. As the team describes in the video, Crossing Souls’s unique art style comes from a place of nostalgia and respect for the 1980s. Influences such as E.T. and the original The Legend of Zelda are potent, even in gameplay footage.

“It’s really based on our childhood,” Diego says. “The movies we watched when we were children, the movies we enjoyed. The only thing we wanted when creating Crossing Souls was to share a history. So that’s the most important thing.”

The behind-the-scenes video goes further than the team’s struggles and inspirations by highlighting what Fourattic does to cool off from strict development times. The group will often go to specific restaurants to celebrate big milestones, including one location called The Marbella where the local game development community gathers for meetings.

Crossing Souls drops in just two weeks, so for more updates from now until Fourattic’s ‘80s love letter launches, keep checking in with OnlySP on Facebook and Twitter.

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