Clean Crime Scenes in Serial Cleaner, Available Today

Serial Cleaner

Serial Cleaner, the latest game from the inventive team at iFun4All, releases today on PC and Xbox One, following a PlayStation release earlier this week.

Billed as a story-driven, fast-paced stealth/action game, Serial Cleaner casts players as a member of the Mob tasked with cleaning up after the unsavoury activities of his employers. Doing so involves disposing of corpses, clearing away bloodstains, and hiding evidence while evading both the police and passersby.  Gameplay takes place from an isometric 2D perspective, which ensures a full view of both the character and the surroundings.

The game adopts a highly-stylised 70s-inspired aesthetic, characterised by garish colours, while many of the locations are inspired by real-life crime scenes, which adds an unsettling element of reality to the player’s activities. Despite the layout of the environments being hand-crafted, the game invites player to explore and experiment to overcome the various obstacles, rather than relying on a pre-determined solution, ensuring a high degree of replayability.

A glimpse at the style and gameplay on offer is available in the launch trailer below:

Serial Cleaner has already received a generally positive reception from both fans and critics, with praise directed at the core gameplay mechanics and difficulty level. OnlySP’s review of the game, meanwhile, will be available within the next few weeks.

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