Call of Cthulhu and Vampyr Releasing at end of 2017


Two of Focus Home Interactive’s most notable upcoming games, Call of Cthulhu and Vampyr, have been set for release in the final quarter of 2017, according to the publisher’s official website.

With this shared release window meaning that some may be concerned about the possibility of the two titles cannibalising each other’s sales, especially given that both draw on a gothic-horror heritage, the core gameplay should be divergent enough to engage different audiences.

Of the two, Vampyr is the more thoroughly detailed. In development at Dontnod Entertainment (Remember Me, Life is Strange), Vampyr is an RPG set in London during the ravages of the Spanish Flu in the immediate aftermath of World War I, players will assume the role of doctor-cum-vampire Jonathon E. Reid as he struggles to balance the humanitarian calling of his job with the demands of his nature. Taking this emotional conflict as its central theme, Vampyr will offer players two distinct paths, with their choices affecting both the environment and story, similar to Chaos System found in the Dishonored series.

Call of Cthulhu, meanwhile, is the latest adaptation of H. P. Lovecraft’s seminal weird fiction novella. Being developed by Cyanide Studios (creators of the upcoming Styx: Shards of Darkness), the game is billed as an RPG-Investigation game making use of traditional horror and stealth mechanics. Rather than having the gameplay be based on the supernatural, it is intended as a more realistic adventure, as players take the role of Edward Pierce to piece together the clues surrounding a small family in 1920s Boston.

In addition to these two games, Focus Home Interactive will also be publishing the aforementioned Styx: Shards of Darkness on March 14, and Deck 13’s Dark Souls-inspired sci-fi RPG The Surge later this year. All four games are scheduled for release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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