BIT.TRIP has released it’s penultimate chapter for the BIT.TRIP series with its fifth installment – BIT.TRIP FATE. It’s time for Commander Video to bring his journey to a close.

BIT.TRIP is developed by Gaijin Games and published by Aksys Games and as fans of the series know the journey focuses on the adventure of Commander Video. FATE takes up a rhythm shooter style as Commander Video travels along the set path in each level – you’re able to move him along or backward and can shoot in any direction. Each enemy you kill and collect the item left behind enhances Commander Video’s power, however, get caught by a single shot and that power is removed. As your power increases so does your shooting ability from Nether, which is one shot, to Giga, which is 4. Other things that can change your shooting ability are the allies you run into along your path who give special weapons – larger cannon-like bullets, or the ability to shoot forward and back at the same time. The allies that give you said abilities include CommandGirl Video, Junior Melchkin, Super Meat Boy and Mr. Robotube.

The game holds only 6 levels which are divided into 3 environments with 2 stages for each. The first is a strange space setting where crystal cubes get in the way, the second focuses more on a city skyline theme with skyscrapers and the last environment looks more like an underground style with molten lava. Each stage ends with a Boss fight and takes about 5 to 10 minutes to finish a stage, making this a great game to just play on the fly if you find yourself with a little extra time.

The visuals are the brainchild of both pixels and hallucinogenic drugs, the games stylish yet free use of colour makes the game both simple and still aesthetically pleasing to my inner child who just loves colours. Music plays a big part of the game given its minimalistic style. The interesting thing about the music is that it is dependent on your performance throughout with enemies. Thus the music gets hectic as you find yourself surrounded by more enemies whilst trying to navigate your placement on the rail which you travel across. FATE boasts a similar chiptune style soundtrack that the series is familiar with but this time it also includes a chiptune-inspired dubstep style.

Personally BIT.TRIP FATE isn’t my kind of game. I don’t like being confined to an on-rail style of movement, and dubstep isn’t my thing either. Despite these personal dislikes the game is still fine to boot up for a level or two but I couldn’t imagine myself playing a lot in one go or even replaying the game. The story isn’t really there, it is very much a game just to mess around and play with for several minutes.

(Reviewed on PC. Review code supplied by Aksys Games. Thank you.)


  Story – 6/10

Gameplay/Design – 7/10

Visuals – 9/10

Sound – 8/10

Lasting Appeal – 5/10


Overall – 7/10

(Not an average)

Platform: PC, WiiWare, Nintendo 3DS

Developer: Gaijin Games

Publisher: Aksys Games

Ratings: PEGI 3

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