Bannerman Recreates Medieval Melee in a Grim 2D Adventure


Available on Steam later today, Bannerman is a 2D adventure that faithfully recreates medieval swordplay in a darkly realistic setting.

Created by a solo developer at Armitage Games, Bannerman casts players as a footsoldier gravely wounded in a lost battle who sets out to reclaim his lord’s banner from opposing forces. The game attempts to capture the grim reality of Dark Ages warfare through gritty environments and difficult melee-based combat. The developer has utilised rotoscoping (a process whereby live-action footage is traced to create animations) to ensure the fighting looks and feels authentic.

To help create atmosphere, the game relies on minimalistic audio, making use of ambient noises and a stripped back approach to music that focuses on guitars, banjos, and folk instruments.

In the focus on slow-paced, skill-based combat, Bannerman resembles a much simplified take on a Souls-like game, though lacking the intricate level design and convoluted lore that frequently accompany such projects.

The launch trailer, embedded below, highlights the game’s features and provides a glimpse at the style and gameplay on offer.

Bannerman was previously included on one of OnlySP’s Indie Highlight Reels. Unlocking later today, the game will retail for USD$14.99 on Steam, though early adopters will receive a 10% discount. Linux and Mac ports for the project are currently in the works, although the developer has not yet spoken to possibility of console versions.

Bannerman is the first commercial project from Armitage Games, although the developer has previously released three experimental titles that are available to play for free.

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